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Online Water Ammonia Monitoring Analyzer

NH3N-2000 analyzer adopts Nessler reagent colorimetric principle. The sample water be pre-treated by adding covering reagent to remove interference, and corresponding color will be detected by the colorimetric. Concentration of ammonia is proportional to its color.

The method is fully compliance with international laboratory reference test procedure, with high correlation to the lab test result.


Principle Nessler reagent colorimeter Range 0-5 to 0-100 mg/l
Resolution 0.001 mg/L Uncertainty +/-10%
Data store 10000 Records Repeatability +/- 2%

Key Features
  • Patent injection technic, only 20% consumables as others.
  • Non-contacting type injection pump, less maintenance
  • Auto color and turbidity compensation enhance accuracy
  • Reagent stock monitoring to remind user for replacement
  • Multiple mode of measurement to provide flexible solution