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Online water COD/pH/TSS Monitoring Analyzer

COD, BOD analyzer bases on Ultraviolet/Visible (UV/Vis) absorption, which has found increasingly wide application in process industries.The spectrum of interest here extends from 180 nm to 780 nm, high resolution is from 180 nm to 280 nm It measures various components in Water/Liquid

Key Features
  1. UV spectroscopyhigh degree of stability,selectivity and sensitivity
  2. No moving parts andconsumables in thedetector module
  3. Collected data historic
  4. Compact simple design,less than 14 KGCustomabltouch screeneasiest to use
  5. Speed and continuouslyreading results less than10 seconds
  6. Selected best material, stainless enclosure,Glass to Glass touchscreen, 10 years lifetimexenon lamp