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Products & Services


Integrated Systems

We don’t just offer out-of-the-box products – we supply integrated systems or ‘racks’ throughout the India. Our integrated solutions are designed to withstand the toughest environments

Customised Designed
  • Large fixed stations
  • 10ft shipping container stations of IP65.
  • Cyclone proof stations
  • Relocatable caravan stations (moved from site to site)
  • Lean in shelters (cabinets)
Integrated System
  • PM10 & PM2.5 Analysers: Operates on the principle of Beta Ray Attenuation and measures particle mass without the effects of shape, size or color of the Suspended Particulate Matter, ranging from 0 to 5mg/m3 with minimum detection limit 1μg/m3 . The equipment includes a PM10 inlet and PM2.5 WINS Impactor.
  • SO2: UV Fluorescence Technology  with standard range 0~100 ppb and 0.5 ppb detectable limit.
  • CO: NDIR Technology with standard range 0~50 ppm and 0.08 ppm detectable limit.
  • Ozone: UV Absorption technology with standard range 0~100 ppb and 0.5 ppb detectable limit.
  • Analyzers are available for measurement of other gases like H2S, NH3, VOC, BTX, HF, HCL, etc... All the above analyzers are integrated in a 19" rack cabinet and connected to powerful Data Acquisition System.