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Online Stack Heavy Metal Monitoring Analyzer

Metal monitoring was proposed in conjunction with the original Hazardous Waste Combustor NESHAP, but because the measurement technology had not been fully developed and demonstrated, the specification was not promulgated. More recently, EPA has evaluated, at several facilities, a commercial version of an x-ray fluorescence metals CEMS capable of measuring most of the MACT hazardous metals in nearly real time.

SN Enviro Solution provide Unique solution for monitoring trace level heavy metal in stack emission.

Key Features
  1. Simultaneously analyzing 28 most regular heavy metal elements, other scalable.
  2. High sensitivity, lower detection limit down to ng/m3
  3. Truly continuous and non-destructive measurement, no pretreatment needed
  4. No chemical, no liquid waste, reliable and less maintenance
  5. 13 Patents borne by the single analyzer
  6. Radiation safety certified