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Online Stack SPM Monitoring Analyzer

SN Enviro provide A popular type PM-CEMS technique is light scattering. This technology is used in non-extractive depending upon the flue gas condition and other physical factors. Principally the light scattering is occurred due to reflection and refraction of the light by the particle.

LDM-100 instrument measures the amount of light scattered in a particular direction (i.e., forward, side, or backward) and outputs a signal proportional to the amount of scattering material (e.g., particulate matter) in the sample stream. The PM concentration is derived by correlating the output of the instrument to manual gravimetric measurements. IN LDM-100 a collimated beam of visible or near infrared (IR) light is emitted into a gas stream. The light is scattered by particles in the light path , and the receiving optics focus an area of that light onto a detector that generates a current proportional to the intensity of light it receives. The angle of the source to the receiving optics and the characteristics of the optics determine the volume of space from which the scattered light is measured.

Key Features
  1. On-line Continuous monitoring for various emission sources
  2. Combined techniques ,adaptive stabilization,dynamic adaptive phase-lock amplification
  3. Very low zero drift ,patented techonology of on-line calibiration
  4. compaact ,easy to install,anti-lightining,high adaptability, low cost and less maintenance