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Portable COD/BOD Analysis

Clean air is made up of nitrogen, oxygen and argon, with traces of other gases such as carbon dioxide.

Air pollutants mainly come from the discharges of gases and particles, mostly from industry, motor vehicles. The most widespread pollutants include carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, ozone, oxides of nitrogen, sulphur dioxide and particles. These substances are used as indicators of air quality.

To protect the environment against harmful and unhealthy levels of air pollution, Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) adopt objectives to protect a range of beneficial uses, including the health and wellbeing of humans, plants and animals. These policies cover all the major pollutants as well as specific industrial pollutants from chimneys. There are more stringent controls on industrial discharges of pollutants that may have adverse health effects or are highly toxic.

S N Enviro Solutions are specialise in air quality monitoring instruments and systems. import from world leading brands and are able to offer fully integrated monitoring systems. S N Enviroair quality monitoring covers a wide variety of gases from background/trace levels, through ambient and up to stack levels. We also have instruments to monitor hydrocarbons, greenhouse gases, gas isotopes and gases within process environments.