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Online Stack SO2 , NOX, CO, CO2 Monitoring Analyzer

We offer a complete solution for continuous emission monitoring, Our CEMS is used for the measurement of a number of pollutants from within the stack environment. Monitoring within the stack presents a number of problems due to extremes of temperature, velocity of sample and pressure. The common pollutants to measure are SO2, NO and NO2, CO, VOC, Hg, Heavy Metal Elements. Hot-ExtractiveDifferential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) can perform multiple gas analysis of SO2 and NOx,Optional NDIR solution for Measuring additional parameters like CO CO2.

Feature and Benfits
  1. Entire heat tracing no condensation requried , no choking
  2. Hot-wet prohibits SO2 dissolution
  3. DAOS algorithm erases interference from dust, moisture and background gases
  4. No moving parts, xenon life time more than 10 years.
  5. Traceable record of inspection, operation and maintenance.
  6. Remote zero/span calibration, remote purge control. Remote operation and diagnosis through user monitoring center or EPA monitoring center.
  7. Malfunction precaution and healthy operation by embedded detectors to key parts of the system.